The Rainy Days

Listening to the sound of eternity.


This is a literature archive of rain-related letters and journal entries from authors and poets like Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Natsume Sōseki, the children’s book author Nankichi Niimi, and the free verse haiku poet Santōka Taneda. The Rainy Days is a book edited, designed and hand-bound by Nobuko Yamamoto, who is also the editor of The Melody of Windows. Same as The Melody of Windows, Masayo Mori designed copper plate etching images dedicated to the text chosen by Yamamoto.


Following these traces of rain to date back to as far as 1902, the book gives us a glimpse of how people praised or mumbled about the rainy season. Like the sound of rain that lingers outside of the window, it brings a greyish white mist to your mind. Every drop of rain makes its own sound, together, they are drumming a distinctive beat which makes me wonder if rainy days were the same in the old days. The sound of rain can perhaps be the sound of eternity.


Masayo Mori’s copper plate etching has given colors to raindrops. He subtly etched the images once seen by the authors, onto plates to portray the sceneries like water reflections. The book is like an umbrella; opening it would let all the rain falls down and give rise to all these serene landscapes. If you’re alone at home listening to the sound of rain, reading the book can bring either happiness or melancholy depending on your mood.


There is always a craving to listen to the sound of purity that is beyond verbal articulation.