Scattering like stardust

Rock End






It is said that spending too much time in the concrete jungle might make you vulnerable to depression; your heart yearns to escape. It’s also said that wandering in nature helps loosen up your mind; take a step back, you will see the vastness of the sea and sky.

That’s why you are eager to be in nature, and you plan for the escape to nature, one after another.

“You do know that you are a typical city dweller right?”

Indeed. Only city dwellers would plan for an escape to nature. Our “escape,” to those who live in nature all along, simply means “going back home.”


「人最初使用的工具就是石頭。」在日本四國最北邊的庵治町,盛產自平安時代晚期便被大量使用的知名石材 —— 庵治石,現已有一千多年歷史。庵治石因為非常堅硬,不會風化不易變色,常被用來製作石碑、庭園裡的石燈籠、與寺廟裡的石神像,感覺安定能長長久久的。

直接以庵治取名的工作室Aji Project,便是專門研究庵治石在生活的各種可能,小如牙刷座的日常,都能改變一點空間氣息。而這個書立是其中很迷人的一個。工作室與當地石材老鋪合作,創業百年的島本石材工業第四代傳人,從五劍山選好石材,帶回到工場將每一塊庵治石一分為二,最大地保留石的原始觸感,只將內側打磨,好讓書本安穩依靠。


“Stone was the first tool that early humans ever used.” The world-famous Aji stone (Aji-ishi in japanese), originated from Aji, the northernmost town in Shikoku, Japan, has been extensively processed and used for over 1000 years since the late Heian period. Highly praised for its impressive durability, Aji stone can withstand weathering and degradation such as color change, and is often used to make steles, garden lanterns, and statues in temples.

Aji Project, is a studio named after Aji that specializes in exploring the various possibilities of Aji stone. The Project has created numerous products such as toothbrush holders and bookends. The bookends, in particular, are a collaboration with Shimamoto Stone Industry, a century-old, fourth-generation-run local stone company in Aji. The team handpicked the Aji stones from nearby Mount Goken, brought them back to the workshop, and split each in half creating the unique Aji stone bookends. To keep the stone at its most authentic and natural state, polishing was limited only to the cut surfaces so that books can stand smoothly against them.

Aji stone has always been referred to as Diamond Granite. The unique beauty of Aji stone is not only showcased from its texture and color, it also lies within its core as it contains biotite crystals that scatter like stardust. With proper polishing, one can see the sparkling beauty once hidden within, and will be amazed by the meticulous design of nature.