The Landscape of Leather

The Fukei

來到二十一世紀,皮革仍然是日常生活中,其中一樣最容易接觸到的服裝物料,但也因為歷史包袱大,人們對皮革的觀感,似乎離不開「正式感」,「成熟」和「世故」等保守形象,好像這種物料已經變不出什麼花樣。前陣子在網購時,無意中發現這個台灣的皮飾品牌 —— The Fukei,其利用各種切裁,染色和重疊技巧,在皮革商品上呈現山脈和海洋的意象,令人耳目一新,一反皮革多年來的保守形象。

As one of the first materials used for clothing, leather has been a big part of human history since the very beginning. It is also because of this long line of history, leather gives off a conservative aura – being formal, traditional, and mature – with very little novelty. That said, Taiwanese brand The Fukei revives the material using intricate cuttings, inventive colourways, and intriguing layers to form scenic views of the mountains and oceans, just like a breath of fresh air.


Fukei is a transliteration of “scenery” in Japanese, this name also says a lot about the brand and its products. Case in point is the Mount Fuji Wallet Collection, one of their most popular designs using four pieces of leather and negative space to form an imagery of the iconic volcano. The Sunrise and Wave collections also have a strong connection to nature, turning the beauty of Mother Earth into little everyday trinkets. Their storytelling goes beyond scenes of nature, for example the Bagua octagon coin purse adds a bit of spirituality into everyday life harmoniously.


If this is your style, their Twig Bag is also worth checking out. With a unique combination of a wooden handle and a structured leather body – which can be worn cross body or as a tote – the bag gives leather products a whole new interpretation. The top handle adds a sense of rawness and authenticity, a nice soothing touch to have in this modern world.