Century Workwear



在1927年,兩個法國好朋友Juste Husseau和René Moynaton,在南特和普瓦捷之間的一條小村莊LaPlainelière上,開設了一家小工廠,主要生產手帕和工人襯衫。在經歷完二戰的百業肅條後,兩位創辦人重振旗鼓,加碼開了一間比之前規模更大的工廠,並重新以「Kidur」一字命名品牌。「Kidur」在法文中有「持久」、「堅固」的意思,這恰好又與品牌生產的優良法國工人裝相對應。


French workwear holds a very special place in fashion history, and also to me. The sturdy Moleskine fabric, upright collars, and oversized pocket exclusive for factory workers’ convenience are all distinctive features of the “French” classic workwear, which has been popular since the 30s. Amongst many manufacturers, Kidur – founded in the 20s – still insist on production in France, it is a brand truly living up to the “French workwear” name.

In 1927, two friends Juste Husseau and René Moynaton set up a small linen handkerchief and workers shirt factory in a small village, LaPlainelière near Nantes and Poitiers. After the post-World War II recession, the two pulled themselves together and set up an even larger factory named Kidur. Kidur means long lasting and durable in French. Coincidentally, the brand’s quality French workwear carries the same virtues.

A century went by, Kidur – living up to its name – still stands. The brand still owns an impressive production line. Apart from French workwear, they also produce various casual wear. Taking the iconic French workwear as an example, Kidur still produces the style in traditional blue, but also in a range of colours, combining classics with modern aesthetics.