Taste the Bamboo

Riveret Drinkware



生於埼玉縣的製作所Riveret, 則是透過器皿去接起這很多瞬間。從他們製作的第一個酒杯起,到後來一系列不同酒項有各自專門的杯子盛載,從紅白到汽泡、啤酒到清酒、威士忌到Manhattan,也不忘加入品酒前後來一杯便更清減的、茶的杯盤。而這些,都是用竹子製的。

A frothy beer soothes the tired soul after a long day of work. A Friday night beer gets the ball rolling for a fun night out. An ice cold beer accompanied by the weekend sunset takes you a step closer to heaven. A cup of beer compliments night and day in different scenarios, but it always brings magic and wonder. If you live like a roly-poly toy, always going up and down, it’s not a bad idea to relax and get tipsy once in a while.

Is it time and weather that determine our mood? Everything might just be a coincidence. However, one thing is for sure and that’s when I take a sip of wine, the world seems to soften a little.

Riveret, a manufacturer from Saitama Prefecture, is famous for its production of bamboo drinkware. From red wine, white wine, sparkling, beer, sake, whiskey, and even the tea before and after wine-drinking, Riveret has tailored a dedicated bamboo drinking vessel for each.




Crafters from Riveret have been dealing with moso bamboo since 1986; from planting, logging, and processing, they vowed to understand everything there is to know about the plant. Moso bamboo, being one of the fastest-spreading plants in the world, has a very well-developed underground root system called the rhizome system that spans across the entire bamboo forest. Even though moso bamboo is twice as hard as natural wood, Riveret manages to craft them into beautiful drinkware of fine lines and meticulous details by utilizing machines that can shape products of only 2mm in thickness. All products are hand-sanded at the final stage to achieve a smoothness that is as delicate as a thin wine glass. Riveret’s drinkware not only showcases sophistication in craftsmanship, but also a warm texture that is unique to products made from natural materials.

And there is a very unique feature in bamboo: it has a relatively low thermal conductivity compared to other materials which makes it less likely to be affected by the external environment. The bamboo drinkware can thus maintain a stable temperature for a longer period of time allowing one to fully indulge in delightful and refined drink experiences. I can’t help but wonder, will I be able to taste the bamboo if the cup is filled with wine?