Sola Cube

Plants and their universe.



吉村紘一這系列作品名為「Sola Cube」,「Sola」在日本可解作宇宙,「Sola Cube 」則是立體的植物標本,每一個看來微不足道的植物,都蘊藏著一整個宇宙。吉村紘一將植物凝固在樹脂之內,經過高壓將樹脂內的氣泡擠出而不損植物原形,就是希望將植物生命的瞬間凝住,清晰地展現,令人有機會細察自然界帶點機械性的美感。

This is my first time to fix my eyes on a dandelion so dearly. This delicate little flower always drifts away into air so swiftly before we could even get close to it. But the one I hold in hands is different: it stays motionless in a transparent space. Even if I turn the cube upside down, its beautiful felt-like florets simply remain unaffected. I marvel at Mother Nature, for even the tiniest creature has its life cycle. Dandelions are like tiny fury balls; with almost 200 florets radiating from its core, and each of them consists of a seed of life that is longing to bloom.

Life began on earth 4 billion years ago. Animals and plants unceasingly evolve to adapt to the changes on planet earth, gradually establishing their own structures of life. Flowers, fruits and seeds are all the means to the future for plants. Every single phase is a complicated chemistry of life. An intimate appreciation of the irregularity on the surface would reveal a pattern that even the most advanced computer would find it hard to replicate.

Sola Cube” is a collection of 3-dimensional specimens of plants created by Koichi Yoshimura. “Sola” is the Japanese word for universe. Sola Cube shows to the world that even the most insignificant plant has its own universe. Yoshimura preserves the plant in resin; through pressurizing, air bubbles are forced out of the cube. Life is frozen at the moment of being confined in the cube. With its form perfectly maintained, people are allowed to admire the somewhat mechanical aesthetics of Mother Nature.