Reasons to go home.

SIN Ceramics




Whenever I come across photos of someone’s flat online, or a feature of home decoration on a magazine, or an apartment description on an Airbnb profile, or even spotting some homewares in shops, I would try to imagine if the same ideas could be applied to my home. I would sometimes try to picture if the wooden drawer can fit into my room, or whether I should even put a mini cactus on top of it?

I am always curious about how others organize their space like how the dining table and bookshelves are arranged. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy visiting my friends’ home so that I can figure out their habits through the little details hidden here and there. It is like a map that leads me to experience their way of living. Perhaps since I never moved in my life, so the idea of home appears to be a boundless imagination to me; this enthusiasm can also be attributed to my desire to have my own place to stay. This feeling can be explained by dialogue from a movie I watched that says, “Starting from today, she has her own home that she can finally be in charge of.”


“We don’t make things. We make comfort. We make reasons to go home. (…) Things that help you find home, wherever you are.” — SIN Ceramics


I can easily identify with this belief — when I buy a beautiful mug, I would be so eager to go home and brew a nice cup of tea. We all know how the setup of space can influence our behavior and routine.


於是又開始默默想像 —— 插一根蠟燭,點一個晚上,在盤中挑一顆熟得正好的梨子。東西不用太多,可以更愜意的生活。有了很多窩在家裡的理由。

The SIN ceramic ware is charming for how creative it looks. Their fruit bowl has these holes that look big enough to have fruits falling out, but these holes also allow you to see clearly how ripe each fruit is. They also made these candle holders that fit only one stick or one pair of candles. The structure is as minimal as a hand-drawn outline; without glazing, the genuine charisma of handbuilt pottery is fully exemplified.

In my mind, I started to picture about putting a lit candle in the holder and picking a ripe pear from the fruit bowl. One does not need to own much to enjoy a delightful life, some pleasant objects can be the good enough reasons to keep you at home.