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Artwork Of Sally West



但澳洲油畫家 Sally West 的作品與一般使用厚塗法的油畫不盡相同。厚塗法名乎其實大多是把顏料堆積在畫布上,透過錯落有致的厚度製造不同質感。

而 Sally West 近年的作品系列「Beach Studies」選用柔和、温暖的配色,用厚塗法把大海細緻地描述:水流流動的方向、海水的深淺、浪頭折射的光線等,還有那些享受水上活動的人兒,彷彿能嗅到海水和汗珠淡淡的鹹味。而沙灘上的金髮美女正意態撩人地塗太陽油,一對老夫婦在悠閒地散步,兩個小孩看著剛用沙粒砌成的城堡咯咯地笑……你看到的和我看到的都一樣嗎?



Impasto is not exactly my favourite style; I also have trouble fully understanding this technique of painting. The only piece of work of such technique that can make a big impression on me was The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. The thick layers of paint were transformed into a gloomy sky and disquiet stars; together, they form a swirl that spins around in his mind.

The Australian painter Sally West uses the impasto technique in a rather unconventional way. Generally speaking, the typical impasto painting technique delivers various textures by applying different thicknesses of paint to the canvas.

However, the recent series of Beach Studies by Sally West has opted for soft and warm colors. She used the impasto technique to bring out an exhaustive depiction of the sea — the flow and the depth of water, the light reflection of the waves. Even the people engaging in all sorts of activities in the sea and on the beach are all illustrated in vivid details. Looking at her paintings, one could almost smell the faint saltiness from the sea water and the sweat. The blond beauty is applying sunscreen on her charming body, the old couples are taking a stroll along the beach, two kids are chucking proudly in front of the sand castle they just built. Do you also see what I saw?

This is perhaps the capacity of her works. Every viewer is invited to perceive the paintings from their unique angles, because they contain numerous stories that can satisfy your imaginations.