Fragments Of Life

Handmade Stamps From Taiwan


When it comes to stamps, I actually do not know much about them. My memory about stamps have not gone further than the time when I saw them in stationery stores, which feature simple patterns or phrases, such as “Hang in there!” In Chinese, or star or heart shapes. I have never associated it with handcrafting, much less the craftsmen behind them. It was only until recently, when I saw the stamps by Evakaku Studio in Taiwan that I gained a little bit more insights into them. Eva, who runs the studio, carves stamps with simple outlines, most of which featuring plants and small animals, such as flowers, fish, owls and cats, all gentle and heart-warming. Moreover, the passages that Eva share on the studio’s facebook page are as lively, fresh, and sincere as her stamps are. She often notes down ideas and thoughts that flash through her mind, and I am most touched by her feelings towards life.


Everything she says comes from the understanding that she has gained in real life. It does not sound pretentious or forced, nor does it contain grand philosophies. It is none other than her sincere and optimistic character that has melted into her creations and influenced those who read about her daily life. A case in point is her recent “black-and-white seven-day handcraft journal”, which purely records her day-to-day activities as a handcrafter for a week through seven black-and-white photos uploaded on seven consecutive days. She did this for the purpose of looking back at her daily work. Even for people like me, who is not passionate about stamps, will somehow grow to see life in a more positive light, or even start to love our life, thanks to her immensely thankful attitude. After all, what is the most important lies in the little things that happen on a daily basis but are not particularly special. Because life is made up of little pieces being combined together. As Eva herself has said, “Being anxious about the present situation does not mean one is unsatisfied or does not know how to treasure things. Only by treasuring and feeling thankful for everything can one re-adjust, leaving room for improvement.” If Eva starts writing articles one day, I think I would like to read them.