Forging dialogue in times of disconnect







“It began with not being able to see whom I wanted to see and go where I wanted to go during the pandemic; having this looming worry about losing my job,”

COLOURLESS was founded by Hase, a Japanese passionate about paper and design. Bringing together like-minded creatives from Japan and Taiwan, the online zine features five columns across texts and images, forging relationships and dialogue in times of disconnect.

The team describe the name of their zine as:

“Colourless” –
Is the absence of colour.
At the same time, it invites one to imagine a colour not yet conceived.

Is a colour hinting at infinite possibilities.




One of their columns is a collection of prose about colour. A train car bathing in the warm glow of green; sparks exploding into a summertime sky – these are but ephemeral, time-based colours of everyday life, susceptible to displacement unless documented.

Another column follows a Tokyo-based freelancer, whose work brings a concomitant adjustment to the caffeinated lifestyle. Tokyo’s tea shops are neither as homely as those in Nagoya nor as common as the ones in Kyoto, but they are equally competitive in prices. You can sit all day – as long as you leave the napping elderly alone. Perhaps it’s in this suspension of time that everyone feels welcome to tend to their respective needs. This is a column that chronicles the freelancer as a flâneur between tea shops.

而影像欄目 #somewhere_birthday,是創作者用手邊物拼出每天日子。因為世上每天都有人生日,即使不在我們身邊,每天都是某人的生日,那麼每天也是值得被祝福的日子吧,有人許願、有人祝福。不一定要張揚,但蠟燭裡盛載的願望卻很珍貴,而有人會想把它分給你,就是這欄目的起因。創作者說:「我想在這一年間,試著這樣繼續創作並生活著。」這些電子影像也可在線上商店購買,把心意傳到在意的人心中。

The column “#somewhere_birthday” visualises everyday life using found objects. Every day is someone’s birthday, somewhere – though it may not be someone we know. In that sense, every single day is worth celebrating. Some people might celebrate by making wishes, some might give their blessings to loved ones, some might celebrate in quiet. Whatever form the celebration takes, birthday candles symbolise a rare opportunity to make demands of the universe – and some people would actually dedicate this opportunity to you. Such is the purpose of this column, its creator explains, “I want to spend the rest of the year in this creative direction.” The image library of “#somewhere_birthday” is available to purchase online as birthday cards for loved ones.



We may have little control over our circumstances, but perhaps by zeroing in on something else – something as small as a thought, we can conjure many pleasant surprises. As Hase says, “You’ll never know if you never try. You’ll never know if you never persist.”

COLOURLESS has also recently launched a summer print zine, which you can order online. When it comes to materialising a person’s vision, there is strength in numbers, but even more so in collective goodwill.