It works with mother nature, not against it.




My lifestyle has undergone some radical changes recently, I am trying to apply as little as possible on my own body. On one of those exhausting days, I would opt for doing nothing and let my body return to its original state. Many of my friends have their own ways of “resetting” their bodies; for instance, some of them prefer to wash their face with only water and clean their body with soap. The body would sooner or later cleanse itself from the unease when it can finally understand the beauty of being lazy and the necessity of blankness.


發現這個來自斯德哥爾摩的化妝品牌後觀察了一段時間,起初被其包裝設計與各種視覺吸引,一再細讀之下了解到雖然是化妝品卻顯然不只是那麼一回事。擁有二十年化妝師經驗的創辦人Susanne Manasi Persson,從六年前開始研發化妝品。源於十多年前讀過一本書,關於食物裡的不必要添加劑,便生起對健康與營養的關注,更加意識到不只是吃進肚子裡的事才重要。


It was the branding and packaging of this Stockholm-based cosmetics brand that first caught my attention. After a while of observation, I realized they actually have a very comprehensive concept about cosmetics. Their founder Susanne Manasi Persson has 20 years experience as a makeup artist. 6 years ago, Persson began her own cosmetics research and development. This project all started with a book she read over ten years ago, revealing how unnecessary additives are to food production. The book inspired her to have a greater concern for health and nutrition, it also taught her the fact that food is not the only critical matter that contributes to or affects health.

“It’s all about balance.”

(M)anasi7的名字代表著七項宣言:Slow, Select, Pure, Natural, Simple, Symbiotic, Contemporary。



The number 7 in (M)anasi7 is a declaration of 7 essential elements including slow, select, pure, natural, simple, symbiotic, and contemporary.

The (M)anasi7 team only collaborates with suppliers and farmers that comply with their 7 declarations for small scale production at a sustainable pace to minimize water consumption, environmental impact, and waste. Their products are also never tested on animals. Extracts from minerals, wild plants, and flowers can be used as natural preservatives so that no chemical needs to be added for this purpose. Using certified organic butter and waxes as the basis of the cosmetics formulas, the products take care of the users’ skin as if they were skincare products. Every ingredient is carefully listed along with its function and origin, so the customers can be well informed of the details of the natural ingredients used. The message is a consistent one — natural ingredients are always the best.

The beautiful and reusable packagings are made of degradable materials that do not bring harm to our environment. Many of their products are made to be multi-functional, hoping to reduce the chance of producing waste because of how products are not being fully used sometimes. All of these echoes with the line written in their declaration that says, “it works with mother nature, not against it.”


Simply apply a fingertip unit gently on your face, the difference can be so subtle but strong enough to make you instantly look glowing without altering your original facial features. As you may see in the product demonstration, the girl does not fully cover up her freckles, pores are still under her rosy cheeks; she looks so vibrant as if she has just gone sunbathing. Be true to yourself is always the best look one can have.