Sanpo Bingo

Street Game



「散步Bingo」,由廣告公司Sun Ad設立的Bun Ken推出,其理念便是「讓每次外出,變得更為有趣」。散步Bingo就像一般的Bingo遊戲,只是上面印刷的並非數字,而是各種各樣日常生活常見的物事,像狗、鐘樓、郵筒、甲蟲等等。走在街上,每遇到一種,就將圖畫扳下去,連成一串後,就「Bingo」了。


早前,Bun Ken還推出了沖繩座間味村的版本,將村內獨有的風物製成了Bingo,旅客看著村內風景玩遊戲,旅程定更有趣。

Did you go for a walk today? What did you see on your way? Did you see any hydrangea in full bloom? Did you spot any sparrows or crows on the tall trees lining the street? Were there any of your favorite vintage cars on the road? Did you run into any elderly women on bicycle? … While taking a walk, if you do not focus your mind on your destination, the views greeting you on the way can be richer and more colorful.

Sanpo Bingo is the brainchild of Bun Ken, which was established by an advertising company called Sun Ad. Its concept is to “make going out more interesting.” The game resembles a regular bingo game, except that rather than numbers, printed on the cards are a variety of common things in daily life, such as dogs, bell towers, mailboxes and beetles. Out on the street, whenever you find a match, you push down the relevant picture on the card, and when you complete a straight line, you can call out “Bingo!”.

There is an interesting story behind the inspiration for this little card game. The idea originated from a female researcher whose child was just beginning to walk. In order to boast her child’s volume of activity, the researcher would take him for a walk every day, so as to open his eyes to the world, as well as to burn off his extra energy to prepare him for a proper nap in the afternoon. However, her child often threw tantrums, refusing to go out. It exhausted her just trying to get her child out the door. Then at one point it dawned on her that if she could turn going out into a game, her child would definitely be intrigued, thereby giving birth to the idea of Sanpo Bingo.

Earlier, Bun Ken even released a special version featuring Zamami Village in Okinawa, in which it has incorporated distinct things of the village into its Bingo game. It will undoubtedly adds fun to the journey of visitors who play this game while admiring the village’s scenery.