See The Forest For The Trees

Cul de Sac - JAPON



還記得剛安放這些青森ヒバ(絲柏樹)的原木片在房間時,它濃烈得讓人驚訝,而且很快就會洞悉到房間容不下它,它需要的是更大的世界。青森ヒバ的原木片散發著的香氣是最真實的,我敢說它並不像任何你第一時間聯想到的木香香水,事實上這些青森ヒバ的原木片來自於樹齡超過 250 年的青森ヒバ,香氣中的謙遜與樸實感不無原因。他們在嚴峻的環境下成長,在長成後化為以耐用及抗腐蝕而聞名的建築木材,支撐著日本各地的神社、佛寺與不同的建築物,甚至是傢俱。

青森ヒバ被廣泛使用,大概是因為除了耐用,它還有著防蟲、消臭、抗菌和令人安神放鬆的功效。品牌 Cul de sac – JAPON 就是專門把自然死亡的青森ヒバ加工,生產出各種產品,例如原木片、香薰蠟燭、精油等等,讓這些充滿智慧的古木換了一種方式流傳在我們的生活中。


Breathing freely has, sadly, become a luxurious activity recently. We have to live with habits that are induced by numerous types of fear; finally, our home has become the only space that we can wind down and relax. In this tiny little space that we can at last feel free, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a breeze that carries a soothing wood scent?

I still remember the startlingly intense smell of the Aomori Hiba wood chips when I first put them in my room. It did not take me long to realize that this charming scent should belong to a more spacious place. The smell of the Aomori Hiba wood chips is nothing like any Aomori Hiba room fragrance, as it is harvested from 250-year-old cypress trees. Such a small piece of wood gives out a subtle and authentic fragrance. Grown in adverse environments, the Aomori Hiba trees can become durable and antiseptic construction materials for building temples, notable buildings, and even furniture.

Aomori Hiba wood is long praised in Japan not only for its durable and antiseptic qualities, but also for its insect-repelling nature and its calming aroma. The Japanese brand Cul de sac – JAPON produces wood chips, candles, essential oil, and other products from waste Aomori Hiba lumber, so that the wisdom of the old trees can be transformed into an aroma that becomes a companion of our daily lives.

Now just close your eyes, and you can see yourself surrounded by this vast forest of tranquility.