Taiwan Glass

Making the kindness of Taiwanese visible


Taiwan Glass(台玻集團)成立於1964年,對生產玻璃有非常豐富的經驗。台灣市面上已有很多大量生產的廉價玻璃器皿了,因此在他們決定於2019年推出餐具品牌TG時,並沒有打算以價錢取勝,一心自設計中尋找答案,於是請來了深澤直人,希望製造出能表現台灣人溫厚良善個性的器物。

深澤直人在早前舉辦了設計人材培訓工作坊,主題為Without Thought。Without Thought,希望學員以感受取代思考,明白感覺平和親近的設計,定比奪目的主題及概念更為長久。這想法,跟他一直提倡的Super Normal呼應著,平凡的,不標奇立異的,才能恒久地觸動人心。在他為Taiwan Glass創辦品牌TG時,亦彰顯了這兩個主張。




Founded in 1964, Taiwan Glass is very experienced in glass manufacturing. Seeing the abundant supply of cheap glassware in Taiwan, the company decided not to compete with other affordable brands. After making the plan to launch their Glassware TG series in 2019, they invited Naoto Fukasawa to design tableware that can reflect on the Taiwanese’s gentle and kind personality.

Naoto Fukasawa recently hosted a workshop for designers titled Without Thought, in which he wished to inspire participants to feel instead of to think. To him, friendly and simple designs can last way longer than catchy themes and concepts. This belief is totally aligned with the “super normal design” that he has been advocating for years. Naturally, Fukasawa has incorporated his “super normal design” approach when working on the Glassware TG series, where he created a series of conventional glass products that can become users’ all-time favorite. 


Products of the series are all designed based on a U-shape, all the glasses and other glassware are characterized by the round edges, which resemble the gentleness and kindness of the Taiwanese people. Fukasawa sees U-shape the fundamental design of glass, with this basic structure, he can create perceptibly different glassware by altering the thickness, transparency, and technique in polishing the edges. It has always been his endeavor to improve the quality of products that are commonly used by most households. 

The designer has spent five years to design eighty products for the series. After launching the line earlier this year, the Glassware TG series has also entered the Japanese market in October this year. The beautiful designs and quality productions of Taiwan are definitely worth to be seen in the international markets.