The light of tranquility

Natural candle “Sheep”



名古屋的設計公司Sheep Design Inc.,用大豆油製造出100%全天然素材製成爉燭「Sheep」,在燃燒的過程裡,幾乎沒有任何對環境構成傷害的物質,對身體沒造成任何負擔。Sheep的製造之初,主要是希望能在用餐時使心使用的,因此沒有調製任何香氣,以免氣味影響食物的味覺感受。後來,推出的Earl Grey、Chai等茶香系列,使用的也全是天然的精油。

其中一款最有趣的,是Botanica Soy Candle系列。Sheep Design Inc.將花店丟棄的花卉,製成了乾花,混進爉燭之中。點亮爉燭時,精油清甜的氣味飄溢,乾花的影子落在牆上,頓感歲月靜好。Sheep另外還有便携式的驅蚊爉燭,方便露營或野餐時使用。

Sheep的爉燭,由生產至包裝,都是在Sheep Design Inc.的工房內,以人手少量製造的。人手的溫度,使這燭光更為溫暖。


This summer is unusually warm. There are a lot of things troubling my mind; during my meditation session in the morning, I had a phantom vision seeing a spot of the flame dancing on a candle. With my eyes closed, the flame in my mind has finally burnt away my low spirits. Regardless of how dim the candle flame is, it has a delicate power to soothe our soul.

The Nagoya based design firm Sheep Design Inc. has launched a soy-based all-natural candle named “Sheep”. The candle barely releases any material that can harm the environment when burning, not to mention that it would not be any material toxic to the human body. The “Sheep” candles were first designed to be used on the dining table. Therefore, the candles do not have any fragrance so as not to affect the dining experience. Later on, the brand also launched other versions of candles that have Earl Grey, Chai, and other tea fragrances that are added using all-natural essential oil.

The “Sheep” candles that I found most interesting are the Botanica Soy Candle series. Sheep Design Inc. collected flowers thrown away by floral shops, dried them, and mixed them into the candle wax. After lighting up the candle, the room can be soon filled with a sweet fragrance coming from the essential oil. Shadow of the dried flowers can be seen on the wall; this astonishing projection instantly brings me a sense of tranquility. “Sheep” candles also offer portable mosquito repellent candle for camping or picnic.

“Sheep” candles are manufactured and packaged in the studio of Sheep Design Inc. by hand on a small scale. The human touch simply gives the candles an extra layer of warmth.