Wireless, Batteryless Speakers





Just recently while I was moving house, I randomly placed my iPhone into a ceramic bowl. I was instantly amazed by how the music being played got amplified and also fuller in sound quality. Such intriguing discovery prompted me to pick up and eagerly test out bowls of different materials such as iron, enamel, and plastic, to see the difference. Little did I know the designer Keita Suzuki also shared a very similar experience when he put his handset into a wine bucket during a trip. The sweet sound resonance impressed him a lot and initiated him to come up with this glass speaker called Exponential.

Keita Suzuki boasts of an impressive design portfolio that ranges from household items to train interiors. His new design of glass speaker is customized for mobile phones. What sets this speaker apart from the rest is its concept that requires neither electricity nor power cord. The speaker itself can even be used as a piece of decoration. After multiple experiments, he realized glass is the material that can create the best sound quality. To attain the perfect shape, he decided to go for the glassblowing technique. He then found the glassware manufacturer Sugahara in Chiba. By utilizing the excellent skills offered by the experienced craftsman there, Suzuki finally completed this challenging task.

“The minimal design of Exponential aims to convey to people a sound of the future,” said Keita Suzuki when asked about the design concept. After all, our senses are inter-connected. The sleek look of Exponential would probably affect our overall listening experience.