Nihao Concrete

Cement’s different expressions




Cement is a kind of construction material which has a lackluster and crude appearance, and a dull and hard texture. Based on this description, it would seem cement is not quite compatible with craft or ware for the living space. However, after getting to know Nihao Concrete from Taiwan, and having seen their simple but elegant plant pot creations, I have come to realize that despite its modest appearance, cement is capable of displaying a range of expressions, and thus is more than good for enhancing the atmosphere of apartments.

In the eyes of Nihao Concrete, cement is a highly flexible material. In addition, the unique air bubbles on the surface of cement ware are a distinct feature which can highlight its handcraft quality. When it comes to coloring, cement is even able to capture changing seasons and landscapes. The way they name their tube-shaped plant pots always have something to do with views and colors: “green of distanced fog”, “hidden maroon”, “tranquil white” and “elegant indigo”. By simple shaping, thereby directing the attention to the stable color tones, they manage to breathe into the products a feeling of daily life that is both warm and comfortable.

Apart from designing products, Nihao Concrete is also eager to interact with their customers by sharing tips about botany on their official homepage. In particular, Nihao Concrete has a special preference for succulent plants, which come originally from dry habitats and do not need to be watered frequently. Therefore, they should be the kind of plants most suitable for city dwellers!