A Magic Mug

Oiva Tableware Collection from Marimekko


有些杯子給人感覺安穩,有些則是真誠、毫不隱藏。負責設計Marimekko Oiva系列的餐具設計師Sami Ruotsalainen喜歡使用線條簡潔、光潔明亮的白色炻瓷,設計是建立在真誠自然、實際耐用及富現代感之上。簡潔不花巧的杯子,配上帶點方形的手柄,手指放進去,感覺剛好,讓人感到安穩舒適。這亮白的杯子最適合與清水為伴,以最純粹、真誠地的方式去說明,這才是生活的基本所需。易於配搭任何碗碟和場景的餐具,與設計師Maija Louekari充滿歡樂又富趣味的印花完美地融合,成為餐桌上最好的點綴,一如系列名字Oiva,正是芬蘭語「好伙伴」的意思。

今年是Oiva誕生十週年,Maija畫了一張「生日卡」給Oiva,美麗鮮艷的Eläköön elämä花朵圖案有「你只能活一次」的意思,在白色的碗碟上份外搶眼,放在家中好像是能盛載食物的一幅畫。Sami則為Oiva設計了一個巨型的系列,早前於米蘭設計週正式登場,如被施了魔法般的巨型純白色瓷杯為視覺帶來衝擊,並以幽默玩味的方式擴闊對餐桌的想像。

What is the definition of a perfect mug? Have you ever felt the frustration of looking for a truly satisfying mug among the many mugs you have at home? As an item that is used every day, maybe we should treat mugs more seriously. A friend of mine recently found a mug made by the potter Akio Nukaga. The mug has a rather rough surface but it has the power to warm your heart. The thick wall is perfect for a hot cup of coffee. While adoring the steam rising from the drink, the temperature on the surface is just right to keep your palm warm. My friend told me that the mug does not look shiny new thanks to the unevenly applied glaze. It almost feels like reuniting with an old friend whom you decide to stay with for the rest of your life.

Some mugs have a subtle design, some others look so sincere without being pretentious. Sami Ruotsalainen, designer of the Marimekko Oiva tableware collection is very fond of plain design. His iconic shiny white stoneware items are functional, long-lasting yet modern. The simple mug has a square-shaped handle that provides the perfect grip, it just works so perfectly that you don’t need to adapt to it. The white colored mug goes very well with water, as if it is an honest container to explain how simple life is what human need. The Oiva tableware is suitable for any occasion and can be matched with other tableware. The patterns designed by Maija Louekari have given the Oiva collection a joyous and playful makeover, this made the collection a beautiful decoration to the dining table. “Oiva” is the Finnish word that means “splendid”, and the collection has truly lived up to this name.

This year is the jubilee year of Oiva. Louekari has made a new pattern Eläköön elämä (long live life) in celebration of the collection’s anniversary. Her catchy design looks extraordinary on the white porcelain, as if the tablewares were in fact canvas of delightful drawings. As for Ruotsalainen, he made some massive pieces of Oiva tableware that were exhibited during the Milan Design Week. The gigantic porcelain pieces were so enchanting and humorous, it is undoubtedly Ruotsalainen’s talent to extend his design concept beyond the dining tables.