Ocean of Azure Blue

Tomato and Fresh Tofu Skin Salad



蕃茄 1 個、新鮮腐竹 1 片、紫蘇葉 3 片、薑茸小許、小沙丁魚小許、Parmesan 芝士小許

鹽、黑糊椒、橄欖油 1 茶匙

1.    把蕃茄洗淨切片;
2.    將新鮮腐竹切成小片,並與蕃茄排在碟上;
3.    紫蘇葉切碎;
4.    在排列好的生腐竹及蕃茄上灑上紫蘇葉、薑茸、小沙丁魚及Parmasen 芝士,澆上調味料便完成。

One day during my visit to Shussai Kiln in Izumo of Shimane Prefecture, a pile of bluish plates caught my attention. Without a second thought, I spread out a few of the plates, and let my mind indulge in the world that they created. On each of the plate floats a tiny ocean, exuding infinite ray of azure. I finally brought with me the one with the most unsettled tone of colour. Although their colour of blue reminds one of the ocean, they are in fact made from stone, a material of earth. Stones are first brought to burn under over a thousand degree Celsius, afterwards other natural materials are mixed in to create the Gosu glaze. Eventually the firing process will give the final touch of ocean blue. Earth is tried by fire and evolves into the ocean engraved on the utensils.

The dish chosen for this plate resembles its formation — ingredients are from deep under the earth, right above the earth and from the deep blue sea. Roots, seeds, leaves and fruits float on this ocean to have their encounter with the fish.

1 piece tomato, 1 slice fresh tofu skin, 3 shiso leaves, small amount crushed ginger,  small amount small sardines, small amount Parmesan cheese

Salt, Black Pepper, 1 tsp olive oil

1. Rinse and slice the tomato.
2. Cut the fresh tofu skin into smaller pieces.
3. Arrange the tofu skin and tomato on the plate.
4. Chop the shiso leaves.
5. Sprinkle the shiso leaves, crushed ginger, small sardines and Parmesan cheese on the tofu skin and tomato.
6. Drizzle dressing over the salad. Dish is ready to be served.