The Spiritual Realm on the Dining Table




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Chi has always been playing a crucial role in Oriental philosophy and medicine ever since the ancient time. Chi is invisible but constantly affects the human body and our way of living; it is also believed to have the power to heal. The concept of revitalizing vacation that has recently gained popularity is also related to Chi, since magnificent landscape and temples are typical places that contain positive energy that can refresh the exhausted bodies and soul.

KIKOF is a lifestyle brand founded by Ryosuke Uehara and Yoshie Watanabe. Inspired by Lake Biwa, the lake that is considered to be the greatest source of energy in Japan, the duo collaborates with one of the six major ancient kilns called Shigaraki Ware to produce pottery that combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. To celebrate the brand’s fourth anniversary, KIKOF launched a new collection of tableware themed around Chikubu Island in Lake Biwa. There is a saying that Chikubu Island is where the immortals reside, KIKOF then incorporated the myth into its minimalistic origami-like pottery. The beautiful and tranquilizing emerald green color of the collection well depicts the supernatural aura, or, the Chi of Chikubu Island.

CHIKUBU ISLAND’S GREEN系列限量製作30件,每件產品背後都印有號數,更顯珍貴。

CHIKUBU ISLAND’S GREEN collection is limited to 30 precious pieces with a number marked at the back of each item.

除了翠綠新色,優美呈現琵琶湖面四時風光的Morning Blue(朝.藍)、Noon White(昼.白)、Sunset Pink(夕.粉紅)和Moon Night(月夜.灰)都是品牌最為經典的設計。

Apart from the new emerald green, “morning blue”, “noon white”, “sunset pink” and “moon night” that elegantly portray the four faces of Lake Biwa are as well classic colors of the brand.

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