Copenhagen Islands

Island for One


CPH-Ø1 是一個人造浮島,面積只有20m²,採用當地傳統木頭造船技術製作,採用本地的可持續島木材,中間有棵高約六米樹,鼓勵人們在浮島上燒烤、觀星、泡水浴、捕魚或小型活動,成為哥本哈根港口區的最新海上浮動公共空間。

位於哥本哈根市港口,水質清潔,可以游泳、釣魚食用,因此一直以來都是本地人的消閒場所,每日的使用人數達千多人。為了讓更多人可以有更多方法親近港口水域,居住在哥本哈根的奧地利籍建築師Marshall Blecher與Magnus Maarbjerg的設計團隊Fokstrot發起了這個「Copenhagen Islands」計劃。「 哥本哈根浮島計劃,可以讓人們嘗試更多享用公共空間方式,我們希望這些浮島之間可以連結不同的城市活動,或激發更多實驗性的新計劃,未來更可以出現於都市新區域或舊城區、隱世景點。 」因此,除了CPH-Ø1 ,還將會有CPH-Ø2 、CPH-Ø3、CPH-Ø4、CPH-Ø5 等不同的主題島,包括桑拿島、花園浮島、海上青口田、跳水島、餐廳等各式各樣給水上活動者使用的設施,如船家、獨木舟運動員、泳客等等。隨不同季節,島嶼更可以有不同組合方式,例如團隊正在準備浮島魚市場、浮島居所系列等,讓人們可以在都市中重新想像城市與海岸之間的關係,甚至全球環境暖化和海岸線上升等議題。我倒是期待有人在浮島上寫詩、發白日夢、唱歌或聊天,簡簡單單地欣賞海岸風景。

At a harbor in a city, apart from ships and sea birds, you may also find wooden floating islands, which drift around, carried by wind and wave over the sea, here and there, available for free to citizens. 

CPH-Ø1, an artificial floating island of only 20m², has been made with locally-sourced sustainable wood using traditional local technology for constructing wooden ships. At its center stands a 6 meter tall tree, and people are encouraged to have barbecue, take a bath, go fishing as well as engage in stargazing or other small-scale activities on the island. It has become the newest floating public space in Copenhagen’s harbor area.

Situated at Copenhagen’s harbor, which boasts clean water suitable for swimming as well as fishing for consumption, the floating island has always been a leisure spot for locals, with average daily users exceeding one thousand. In order to offer more options for more people to visit the harbor area, Marshall Blecher, an Austrian architect based in Copenhagen , and the design team Fokstrot under Magnus Maarbjerg together launched a project named “Copenhagen Islands”. “The ‘Copenhagen Islands’ project lets everyone experience more ways of utilizing public space. We hope that these floating islands can link up to various city events or inspire new experimental projects, and that in the future, they can play a part in new districts or old districts in the city as well, becoming hidden spots.” For this reason, other than CPH-Ø1, there will be CPH-Ø2 、CPH-Ø3、CPH-Ø4、CPH-Ø5, islands with various themes, including floating sauna island, floating garden, floating mussel farm and platform diving island. There will also be a wide range of facilities including restaurants for people engaging in water activities, such as boatmen, kayakers as well as swimmers. The organization of each island can also change with seasons. For instance, the team is preparing for a series of floating fish markets as well as floating island accommodation. This way, people can reimagine the relationship between city and seashore, or even topics such as global warming and rise in sea level. For me, though, I would like to see people writing poems, daydreaming, singing or chatting on the floating islands, or as simple as admiring the views at the shore.