Lille og Stor

With future in mind, it is time to plant the seed of a beautiful little flower.

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來自日本東京的皮革品牌Lille og Stor,在丹麥語意為「小而大」。在2013年,Jun和Yaco Yoshikane兩位設計師就是抱著以上的想法而成立品牌。製作著幾乎會出現在每個家裡的平凡物件,如面紙套、收納盒、籃子與手挽包。因為尋常,在不同人不同的生活中也能使用,期望能由此將生活慢慢變成嚮往的模樣。

“Everyone has their own story to tell. The lifestyle you are living now will pass onto the next generation.” During childhood, the value and thoughts we learned from the grown-ups would usually become guidance that leads us through the way into maturity. This kind of learning accompanies our growth and helps to construct our worldview. If this is the case, why don’t we plant a seed that can grow a bud into a gentle world?

“It is our endeavor to let children grow in a happy and pleasurable environment.”

Lille og Stor, which means “small and large” in Danish, is a Tokyo-based leather brand. In 2013, Jun and Yaco Yoshikane, the two designers, founded the brand to realize their passion. The brand focuses on everyday goods like tissue holder, storage box, basket and handbags. These products are used by almost everyone, as the brand hopes that they can connect people to their ideal style of living.




Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, the two founders appreciate simple designs that suit everyday use.

Their flower bag that comes with a shoulder strap can be used to carry a bouquet or a rolled-up magazine. It is a handy bag that can be worn on the shoulder or be hung to the bike handlebar, either of the ways looks relaxed and pretty.  Another popular product of the brand is their leather basket made of upcycled material. The brand organizes workshops for participants to DIY with the extra scraps of leather cut off during the process of making other products. The designers cut the leather scraps into an identical shape, so participants can use them to build their own bags. These patches can be attached in various ways to give shape to numerous designs. Finally, the last step is to attach handles to the bag with rivets. The entire making process does not involve cutting or sewing. It is a simple handiwork that can be done with children as a family event. Despite the simplicity of the production method, the end products are, in most cases, strikingly adorable.

Having actual experience with creating things by hand can undoubtedly be a nice beginning of a beautiful memory. Insignificant events can have a strong impact on life. This could well be the vision of Lille og Stor.