Naiad argan cream

The natural healing power is shared for everyone.

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這瓶argan cream的成分很單純,只有摩洛哥堅果油和蜂蠟。摩洛哥堅果樹是世上最古老的樹之一,在缺水的沙漠中成長,為人們遮蔭、提供生火的木材,堅果的油脂養分豐富,除了人類會食用堅果油,山羊更會爬到數公尺高的樹上吃果子,場面怪異得來很可愛。

People can easily forget what is most important to them if they get too used to hiding their true self.

The Japanese brand Naiad specializes in natural skincare products. Although they only sell a handful of products, their workshops can be found all over the world from Thailand, Nepal, India to Morocco. All of these countries are blessed with astonishing natural resources, as well as the locals’ wisdom and craftsmanship. Naiad’s job is to collect these nourishments directly from the earth to create the best skincare products for our bodies, as a way to attain a more sustainable ecosystem.

This argan cream is simply made from only two ingredients, which are Moroccan argan oil and beeswax. The argan tree is one of the oldest trees on earth. Argan trees that grow in deserts do not only provide shade and wood fuel, but the oil from argan seeds is also a valuable source of nutrients. No wonder not only humans consume argan oil, but even goats would also jump meters high to reach the argan seeds on the tree. Looking at goats standing on tree branches is such an interesting misplacement.


argan cream在泰國的工房裡生產,位於清邁20公里外的一個鄉村,由當地婦女手工製作。用陶器盛載,奶白瓶身透著細細冰裂紋,溫潤的模樣盛著的像奶油,是清邁著名的青瓷。


Argan oil applied on skins form a protective layer against the radiation of sun, coarseness, and infection. This natural ingredient acts like an army to keep your skin and hence your body healthy. The argan oil makes skin soft and sweet while the beeswax let the oil gently penetrate into the skin and protects the skin from drying. The beeswax from Thailand has a sweet aroma of longan fruit. I once read about a beekeeper’s desire to embrace the refined beeswax in his sleep. This probably explains how lovely is the smell of the beeswax. Its fragrance also changes according to the seasons and years.

The argan cream is produced in a workshop 20 km away from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and all handmade by the local women. The container is made of a local ceramic in creamy white color, with subtle cracks on the surface, creating a delicately warm look.

It is a simple product that fits just right for our everyday needs. This skincare product can be used for our skin, our body, and our hair. Just use a small butter knife to take some cream out from the jar and warm it up in our palm, then you can apply it onto the body parts that need to be rejuvenated. If in some rare cases that the cream is not used up for a longer time, you can use it as wax to shine leather and wood goods. Imagine how diverse the climates in Morocco are. The bright sun in the blue sky, the dry desert in the Sahara and the rain clouds coming from the coasts. All these precious ingredients have come a long way into our hands. In a perfect world, the natural healing power is shared for everyone.

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