Raymay Swingcut Scissors

Right tool to protect you from physical harm


前陣子在common room & co.的Good Design Award展覽上遇到這把剪刀,便祈許這是我要找的 —— 由日本藤井文具公司設計的「Swingcut」剪刀系列,曾於2014年同時獲得「日本文具大賞」與「Good Design Award」兩個獎項。但凡獲得Good Design Award的肯定,則必然符合以人為本,能讓生活更便利,甚至是能改善生活的設計。那它們都應該是平易近人的吧。

When it comes to scissors, I can easily think of two common scenarios: either my hand sores, or the scissors turn blunt. Every time after cutting things that are sticky, the blade would get less and less sharp. Whenever I couldn’t bear it anymore, I would clean them with alcohol wipes, but there was one time I was doing it too impulsively and cut my fingertip. My desk was then turned into a crime scene with blood dripping from my fresh wound. This somehow made me realized getting adequate tool is as important as protecting myself from physical harm.

Seeing this pair of Swingcut Scissors by the Raymay Fujii Corporation from Japan in the Good Design Award exhibition by common room & co., I knew it would be the pair of scissors that I’ve always been looking for. In 2014, the Swingcut series won both the Japanese Stationery Award and Good Design Award. The Good Design Award is a recognition of products that design for people’s everyday life and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life. I assume these are designs that are more dedicated to the practical usage of common people.



Swingcut actually looks rather similar to kitchen shears. The Swingcut Scissors are comparatively large, with the two handles coming in different sizes; Although, all in all, the design is rather subtle, I was regardless instantly impressed by the scissors’ handles, which are made with resin on the outside, and for the inner part where the fingers touch, elastic plastic is used to create a gentle touch. The different handle sizes make it easier to use; it was said that it only takes one-fifth of the strength when compared to using other scissors. From my trial, it did not feel scarily smooth. The touch was rather sturdy and subtle.

The Swingcut Scissors offer three versions: the classic silver/white stainless steel, the gray/black version with fluoridation blades that are glue resistant, as well as the brown/gold titanium plated version, which is three times stronger than the classic one and is perfect for cutting thicker material. For those who do not have a preference for scissors, it is always nice to try with your own hands to find a pair that you feel best. I have bought for myself the gray/black one, I guess there is no need to explain why.