PERO X Nathalie Lete SS20 Crossover Collection (3)

Walking into a garden in a fairy tale

PÉRO x Nathalie Lété

為甚麼人會相信萬物有靈呢?教育心理學家Jean Piaget提出了兒童泛靈觀,他認為孩童對於無生命的物體,都會賦予生命或是意識。這讓我想起小時候乘校巴回家,總覺得日落的太陽追著車子走,車子停下來時,它也停下來。太陽、雲朵、樹木和人一樣,有著生命、思考和感受。即使人長大了,學習石頭、水杯不過是死物,心裡仍然相信萬物有靈,對待身邊的東西要溫柔敏感。

Why do people believe in animisme? Jean Piaget, an educational psychologist, put forward the concept of animisme among children. He believes that children give life and consciousness to all objects. This reminds me of my childhood, when I was riding on the school bus back home, I always had the feeling that the sun was chasing after the bus, stopping as the bus did. I believed that the sun, clouds and trees, like human beings, were living things capable of thoughts and feelings. Even as an adult, having understood that rocks and cups were no more than inanimate objects, I still believe, deep down, in the existence of souls in everything, and treat the objects around me with tenderness and sensitivity. 

法國藝術家Nathalie Lété筆下的動物、昆蟲、花草和人物都有著靈性,就像打開一本孩童時看過的童話書,裡頭的動物、花草、玩具都懷著生命,會走出來說話一樣。擁有中德血統的Nathalie,文化的衝擊豐富了她的想像力,小時候接觸到中國畫而受到薰陶,因此畫作充滿了雀鳥和大自然的元素;色彩斑爛的花卉圖案則讓人如置身於歐洲古老大宅的後花園一樣。在她的世界裡彷彿只有春夏季,如她的名字一樣( Lété在法語裡有夏天的意思)。Nathalie曾說過她可以成為雜誌的造型師,同時可以在山中牧羊,這種隨意率真、對事物充滿好奇的個性,使她的作品風格鮮明浪漫,用色大膽又充滿童趣。

Under the brushstrokes of French artist Nathalie Lété, the animals, insects, flowers, plants and humans all possess a soul, as though you had opened a book of fairy tales in which all the animals, flowers and toys came to life and spoke. For Nathalie, who has Chinese and German lineage, the clashes between cultures have enriched her imagination. The nourishment of Chinese paintings during her childhood has contributed to a wealthof elements connected to nature and birds in her drawings. On the other hand, her colorful flowery patterns evoke the back garden of an ancient European mansion. It is as though there were only spring and summer in her world, echoing her name (In French, Lété means summer). Nathalie once said that she could become a stylist for a magazine while continuing as a shepherd in the mountains. Such a forthright, sincere and spontaneous personality, complemented with a rich dose of curiosity, has given birth to a style which is at once distinct and romantic, accompanied by a bold usage of colors and an abundance of childlike playfulness. 

因為獨特的畫風,Nathalie得到了許多時裝品牌的喜愛,如曾與Issey Miyake、Gucci等合作,上年與H&M推出童裝系列時,曾說道:「我想創造一個帶來幸福和諧圍繞的,系列中不同元素和它們之間的關係互相敍述著故事,營造一個美麗的氛圍。」這大概是她一直以來創作的主旨。最近她與印度品牌PÉRO推出十周年限量系列,兩者的風格非常相近,PÉRO是印度西部拉賈斯坦邦的語言,有「to wear」的意思,設計師Aneeth Arora設計的服飾講求舒適易穿,於日常服中加入印度傳統紡織工藝。系列中的手繪和刺繡圖案手工精緻,像走進繁花盛開的花園裡,擁有如童話般的原始感染力。

Thanks to her unique style of drawing, Nathalie has won the heart of many fashion brands, including Issey Miyake and Gucci, with which she has collaborated. Last year, upon the launch of children’s clothing collection alongside H&M, she said: “I want to create a cocoon enveloped by happiness and harmony. The collection features various elements, which narrate stories based on their relations, thereby creating a beautiful atmosphere.” This probably corresponds to her creative concept all along. Recently, she has collaborated with the Indian brand PÉRO in launching its 10th anniversary limited collection. They share a very similar style , and PÉRO originates from the language spoken in Rajasthan in Western India, which carries the meaning of  “to wear”. The clothing items by the designer Aneeth Arora attach a huge importance to comfort and wearing ease, with an addition of Indian tradition sewing craft to daily clothings. The hand-drawn and embroidery patterns showcase delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship. It is like stepping into a garden brimming with blossoming flowers. They boast a contagious power resembling that of fairy tales.

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