Natural Light

OBJ-01 by Manu Bañó

封城期間閒閒在家沒事做,除了會無腦地看電視和敲鐽盤,也有好多人趁此在家動手創作,像來自墨西哥城的Manu Bañó,他就這期間走遍了城間不同的金屬行,購入一批未經加工打磨的金屬原材料,在家為自己打造一盞燈具——「OBJ-01」。

Bañó是一位設計師,也是EWE Studio的創辦人。在墨西哥城封城期間,長時間待家工作的Bañó,有感家裡一直缺了一盞可以襯托其他擺設的燈具,就起意要打造一盞由金屬燈具。因為本身對金屬材質有所偏好,他先是張羅各種金屬,包含不鏽鋼片、鋼片和銅片,盡量不加以打磨,再用激光切割成不同組件,並配置一小盞的LED燈,最後組合成眼前這個極簡風格,並能帶來不同光影變化的夢幻燈具。


During lock-down, apart from aimlessly watching the television and tapping on the keyboard, many people started to flex their creative muscles. Manu Bañó – from Mexico City – took this time to visit various hardware stores in the city and bought one lot of unprocessed, unpolished metal raw materials for building his own lamp, the “OBJ-01”.

Bañó is a designer and also the founder of EWE studio. During the lock-down in Mexico City, Bañó started to spend more time working from home and realised that he lacks a lamp that matches his décor, so he decided to create a metal lamp. As metals hold a dear place in his heart, he first started to collect various metals – including unpolished stainless steel, steel, and copper – to then laser cut into various components. Adding a final touch with a small LED light, there you have this simplistic yet whimsical lamp that can cast various dreamy shadows.

With the round metal plate that turns 360° and the small LED light at the back, you can create various lighting effects – from top to down, left to right – with a simple flick. Just like when the sun shines on the earth at various angles during different hours. All of the metals are mostly unpolished, which evokes a natural raw vibe, adding an organic sense to the whole design.