Non-inflatable football

my football kit by nendo


The price of a football might likely be the cost of a day’s meal for a lot of us. But for those who live in impoverished countries, football is likely to be a luxury that can only be afforded by them living frugal for half a month; and even for the very few who are lucky enough to buy a football, repairing or maintenance work after purchase can often be difficult and costly. For example, the ball casing might get old and cracked, and in the worst case, if the air bladder is punctured, the ball is no longer functionable. It’s upsetting enough to imagine a kid having to play with a flat, deflated ball.

最近nendo推出了上面這組「my football kit」,就是為了在落後國家推廣足球運動,讓所有孩子都能享受踢足球的一個設計。針對足球內膽容易破損的特性,這個以模組化零件組合而成的「my football kit」,捨棄了傳統內膽設計,改以聚丙烯和彈性合成物料以提供彈力,同得益於物料的柔軟性,即使赤腳踢球也不會受傷。不過可能有人還是擔心,一個由零件組成的足球,到底會不會踢著踢著就散滿一地?nendo則拍胸口保證,他們設計的交錯式結構,能夠讓組件牢牢結合,不會發生一個大力傳球後,整隊人滿球場撿零件的窘景。而萬一真的有人用力過猛,令足球的某些組件損壞,也只要針對性地置換某些組件,不致於要整顆廢掉換新。此外,「my football kit」提供非常多色的選項,能自由轉換不同顏色的零件,以組合出獨特外形的足球。那是在享受踢球的樂趣之外,同時也能讓孩子享受著組合和設計的趣味。

nendo has recently launched my football kit in hopes that children in impoverished areas can also enjoy and grow to love football. Recognizing that traditional footballs’ inner bladder can leak or pop over time, nendo’s innovative design is non-inflatable and does not come with the bladder that you find in real football. The nendo ball derives its structure from its constituent materials — soft, recycled polypropylene and synthetic resin that won’t hurt bare feet. Some might worry that the nendo ball will fall apart on the fly. But nendo affirms that the interlocking and interlacing structure can ensure the ball will not disassemble during play. In the very rare case that a component actually comes off in the heat of the game, the unique structure will keep the ball intact and that only the broken components need to be restored or replaced afterward. my football kit is available in a range of different colours to allow kids to personalise their ball and also help them strengthen their attachment to the ball through the assembling work.