Norwegian Landscape in the Palm

New Norwegian passport designed by Neue



In 2014, the Norwegian government hosted a competition inviting designers from all over the country to redesign Norway’s passports. Among the numerous submissions received, Oslo-based Neue Design Studio stood out from the crowd and won the contest with its minimalist yet practical design that features advanced security measures and abstract illustrations of Norwegian landscapes. After spending six years in development, the finalised version of the new passports is now unveiled.

Following the original design concept revealed six years ago, the travel documents include the Norwegian national passport, diplomatic passport, and emergency passport. The exteriors are coloured white, blue, and red respectively, which can be seen as a nod to Norway’s flag. Instead of centred as was formerly done, the national coat of arms are now emblazoned in the upper left of the front cover. There is also an unusual off-center alignment for the cover text in gold finishing.  All of which gives the cover a simple yet solemn appearance.



The new passports are also lauded for their thoughtful internal pages design that makes great use of UV light. Inside the passports, each page is printed with a different abstract illustration of Norwegian landscape including mountainous scenes with lakes and streams. These illustrations work as decoration as well as a security element; when placed under UV light, the landscapes will transform from day to night revealing a dazzling Norwegian night scene. In addition, there are some pages that reveal ribbons of fluorescent blue and green that represent the northern lights adding a sense of intrigue to the already stunning design. One might consider the Neue-designed passports a showcase of love of nature or a tribute to the sweeping Norwagian panorama, yet what’s more, the documents serve to create a sense of belonging for the passport holders and connect them to their hometown and mother nature wherever they are in the world.