The fundamental tenderness in daily life

Towels by Momogusa






The sunlight shined through my sleepy eyelids. It took me quite some effort to wake up. The minty taste of toothpaste, the slightly cool water, and the soft towel, these are the tenderness that helps me to start my day. I sometimes get back home late at night after work, taking a nice hot shower can rejuvenate my exhausted body. Afterward, the towel that dries up my body will give me another tender moment of my day. A towel is probably one of the most common everyday objects that can always soothe our body and soul.

Momogusa from Tajimi-city is the Galerie Momogusa house brand of textile products, launched by Akiko Ando, one of the founders of the gallery. The most popular product of Momogusa is their sarong, which is a large tube of fabric. The most popular product of Momogusa is their sarong, which is a large tube of fabric. When wrapped around the waist and fastened with a belt, the sarong can be easily turned into a beautiful skirt. With the waistline adjusted, this piece of cloth can be transformed into a maternity belt. Apart from these two ways of wearing, the Momogusa sarong also offers different thicknesses of fabric that allow you to mix and match into multiple layers. The thicker cotton and linen sarong can be worn as the outer layer. When matched with the thin gauze layer on the inside, the two-layer sarong can keep you warm in winter while remaining breathable in summer. The best thing about this sarong is the softness of the fabric that brushes against your skin with soothing gentleness. Also made of gauze, The Momogusa towels come as a comprehensive series that ranges from infant handkerchiefs, washcloths to body towels. The fabric is so light and soft, the body towel can also be used as a perfect summer blanket.

In this consumerist era, while we are too busy beautifying our daily lives, let’s not forget the basics of how we should care for our bodies.