來自烏克蘭品牌Yakusha Design推出的商品,眼前這一系列的桌燈、落地燈和掛牆燈名為「SONIAH」,是烏克蘭語中「向日葵」的意思,其靈感來自剋剋塔尼文化中的太陽崇拜,恰好與向日葵的「向日」特性相對應。而雖然參考自向日葵的形態,卻把花辦與莖葉以簡化,只保留向日葵的大致輪廓,並以淡薄的單色呈現,帶來一種極簡的、禪意的美態。


Van Gogh’s paintings of sunflowers must have made too much of an impression. Many people think of the nodding blooms in his paintings whenever they think of sunflowers. The name sunflower actually comes from the fact that its bud faces the sun at all times of the day. Plus, the flower itself resembles the shape of the sun. In places like Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, and Peru, sunflowers are regarded as the national flower, and their vibrant yellow color is always associated with vitality and happiness.

Yakusha Design from Ukraine has launched a lamp series called SONIAH, which means sunflower in the local language. The series draws inspiration from the sun-worship Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, and includes a table lamp, floor lamp and wall lamp. Even though the so-called “sunflower lamps” come without stems or leaves, and the signature bright yellow color is missing, the lamps’ resemblance to the beautiful flower is still vividly visible even from their minimalist appearance.

The SONIAH lamps are produced using a material called ZTISTA that is specially developed by the brand. ZTISTA, which means “made from dough” in Ukrainian, is a mixture of wood chips, straw, linen, and clay. It is an environmentally friendly material that has a special texture. With the use of ZTISTA, the final products have a very unique and organic structure and form. Besides the SONIAH series, the brand also uses ZTISTA to produce tables, chairs and other furniture. Those who are interested in this special material can visit the brand’s official website for more information.