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Like Water Like Air

Megumi Tsukazaki

Words / Elva Pang
Translation / Ian Tsang



In Walk With Me, a documentary, Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh mentions that silence encompasses all sounds, and that silence can be as loud as thunder and there is great music that cannot be heard. One should not focus on the external world in pursuit of real silence but rather on the inner heart.  

The creations by Japanese ceramist Megumi Tsukazaki also conveys a sense of “great music that cannot be heard.” She loves to use pure white pottery clay and crystal clear glass, and with simplistic shaping, she produces ceramic ware as soft as water, and as weightless as the air. Placed at a corner at home, it gives off an air of tranquility and spirituality. Works designed by Megumi Tsukazaki are seemingly an effort to restore stones, soil and water droplets to their natural form. Despite their asymmetric appearance and rough surface, they come across as spontaneous and elegant. Among her good many series, the most special one is none other than the ring pillow designed specially for weddings. In daily life, it can be used for holding accessories. Filled inside the round-shaped and milky-white ware is lake water as clean, white and transparent as glass, representing the romantic blessing of “drops of water accumulating to form the sea”. Its uneven surface is like the heave of the sea, but still it allows accessories to rest peacefully; it is as if this tiny ceramic piece were able to calm and soothe the ups and downs of emotions.  

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