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Saikai ESSENCE Dip Mug

A mug like no other.

Styling & Words / Jas Tse




One of my most personal everyday items is the mug. I drink a lot of water when I write; it’s like a way to recharge myself every time I take a mouthful. Sometimes I even feel I can continue to write forever. The feeling of holding a mug is like a hidden switch for past memories. Similar to the melody of music that could take you back to different stages of your life, holding a personal mug can transport you to a precise moment, or stories of the yesteryears. A form that is more effective than any other kinds of formal documentations.

Therefore, choosing the right mug is of great significance.

This set of mugs might have an ordinary look, but one could be touched by their fine and imperfect details after a period of time, a progression of natural beauty. They are from the Essence series of Japanese tableware brand Saikai. Each porcelain mug is hand-dipped to create a slight variation of thickness on the body. A blurred horizon can also be seen at the meeting point between the colored dye and its white base. The rim is the only part of the mug that hasn’t been polished, which has a similar texture like the salt you’ll find on a Margarita glass.

Mugs from Saikai ESSENCE