Close to the land and soil

Kamaro’an Woven Pebble Mirror

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Taking slow steps to conceptualize, design, produce, experiment, and at last, inspect the important matters in life — this is precisely the reason why it took a good two to three years for them to come up with this product. “We are the most demanding consumers. We used to be bothered by the thought of whether we were too stubborn for this society. We gradually came to realize such stubbornness is, in fact, what motivates us to create something we genuinely appreciate.” Perhaps this is the essence of incubating an idea. The passage of time would make things happen at the end.

How should a mirror look like? In the mind of the team, a mirror should have no pointed edges, it does not have to be in a perfect circle; instead, a slightly elongated pebble shape looks ideal. That reminds me of how some people meditate by drawing a circle every day. It is not the pursuance of perfectness but the continuity of this recurring practice that counts.

The team spent a great deal of effort on cutting the mirror rim before they could finally acquire the organic angle they have in mind. The back of the mirror is then wrapped by handcrafted Italian vegetable-tanned leather. “The mirror rim exudes a substantial yet relaxing vibe as if it was made by the washing effect by sea waves over time.” Like the coastal rocks that shine due to the long period being polished by the waves of seawater.

The products by Kamaro’an are always a reflection of how the indigenous tribes live their everyday life. Deeply rooted in their nature, the indigenous people live close to the land and soil. They are profoundly sensitive to climatic change shown by wind, mist, and even sea waves. In the old days, the craftsmanship of the tribes stems from the needs in a primitive lifestyle. They weave rattan and hemp into various fishing nets, baskets, and sifts, which are equally durable and practical. The Amis tribes have been passing down their weaving techniques through generations. They have applied the same technique to weave a sturdy knot to hang the pebble-shaped mirror firmly. This is bound to be a simplistic yet durable household item.

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