The Sip and Paquet series by HAY

The colorful and environmental friendly accessory

Sip family 01


最近讀到一則新聞,提到日本塑膠垃圾的回收率全球首屈一指,然而真正用於再生重用的,只有不足百分之十。塑膠垃圾一旦生產了,便與地球天荒地老,即使可以回收再造,亦浪費不少其他資源,源頭減廢,才是對附塑膠垃圾的上策。丹麥品牌HAY推出了可以重覆使用的玻璃吸管 Sip 及隨身杯 Paquet,顏色一如過往的繽紛多彩。玻璃吸管一套六支,並附上洗吸管時用的迷你刷子,很適合家居派對時使用。至於Paquet則共有兩個色系,每個色系均是一套三隻。


I bet you must have seen the video depicting how a few people worked together to help a turtle that got a straw up its nose. In the beginning, you might have assumed it should be a short straw, but while they tried to pull it out, the turtle’s nose began to bleed — it was, in fact, a long and thin straw. I think I can never forget about the terrified face of the turtle.

Recently, I read from the news that Japan has topped the global list of plastic recycling rate. However, only less than 10% of it can be suitably recycled for other uses. Plastic wastes will never go away. Although recycling can be a solution, this solution also involves the use of other resources. Therefore, waste reduction is undoubtedly the best answer to our environmental problems. The Danish brand HAY has launched the reusable Sip glass straws and Paquet to-go coffee cups that feature bright colors as always. The Sip straws come in packs of six with a convenient cleaning brush, which makes it one of the must-have items for house parties. The Paquet to-go coffee cups have two color tones to offer, each color tone comes in a pack of three cups.

Human beings can unconsciously create a massive amount of waste in our everyday lives. How about bringing your own containers and utensils when visiting fast food restaurants, or bring your own cup when grabbing a to-go coffee? Waste reduction can simply start with getting rid of the single-use paper cups, plastic lids and straws.