Feeling the Energy of the Great Nature


氣味本來就是抽象的,它會在你不經意的時候刺激你的神經,並牽動著五味雜陳的情緒和回憶。這也是氣味最神奇的地方,就如法國小說家馬塞爾・普魯斯的小說《追憶似水年華》首章,描述主人公喝著茶,把一塊瑪德琳蛋糕浸在茶裡,撲面而來的香氣令他想起了遺忘已久的童年時光。這故事吸引著居住於南法的Sandra Fuzier和Alexandre Piffaut夫婦,繼而把創立的香氛品牌名為MAD et LEN,也就跟瑪德琳蛋糕(Madeleine)的發音一樣,藉著氣味穿越時空,連結埋藏心底的記憶。

MAD et LEN最讓人心動的地方是採用了沙哈拉沙漠的黑色火山岩、非洲薩赫爾樹汁液凝結而成的透明狀樹脂(琥珀石)和水晶礦石等天然原料結合古法蒸餾技術製作精油,加上由當地的鐵匠們以人手鑄造的黑色鐵盒,散發原始粗糙的質感,成為兼具裝飾和實用性的藝術品。


Smell is intrinsically abstract, stimulating your senses when you least expect it and bringing to the fore blended emotions and memories. This is also the most magical thing about smell. As French novelist Marcel Proust wrote in the first chapter of his novel, In Search of Lost Time, when the protagonist dips a piece of Madeleine cake into a cup of tea, the fragrance that comes upon him reminds him of his long forgotten childhood memories. This passage has intrigued Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut, a married couple residing in Southern France, who later established MAD et LEN, an aroma brand sharing the pronunciation of Madeleine. Through smell, the brand travels through time, connecting us to memories buried deep inside our heart.

What is the most impressive about MAD et LEN is their use of natural ingredients, in combination with ancient distillation techniques, to prepare their essential oil. Their ingredients include lava rock from Sahara Desert, liquid taken from trees in Sahel in Africa, which hardens to form transparent resin (amber stone), as well as crystals and minerals. Coupled with blackened iron vessels hand-made by local blacksmith, which boast a primitive rough texture, they can be regarded as art pieces for both decorative and functional uses.

Placing these natural minerals, assembled over hundreds of thousands of years, on your palm, you will be suddenly touched by the miraculous power of the Great Nature. These volcano rocks and crystals, after being processed, are soaked in essential oil, completely absorbing the essence of flowers, fruits and plants, with their fragrance gradually permeating every corner. Following one breath after another, such fragrance connects your body and mind to your surrounding. This is also one way to connect with the Great Nature.

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