The ultra-thin scissors

The charm of minimalism



In a stationary shop, this pair of scissors by Kimura Knife from Gifu totally made me fall in love at first sight. The manufacturer reduced the design of the scissors to keeping only the essential parts, leaving only the two stainless steel blades attached to their grips and their connecting part. Kimura Knife’s ultra-thin scissors are so thin that they can be placed in a notebook or in a slim pencil box so as to be carried around easily.

The Kimura Knife factory is in Seki Shi, Gifu Prefecture. The city itself has always been famous for manufacturing knives and blades. While producing their key products, office scissors and kitchenware, the Kimura Knife factory is left with a considerable amount of metal scrap. The factory collected the scrap and turn it into a stainless steel plate, which in turn becomes these ultra-thin scissors. The manufacturing process for these scissors is very simple — the stainless steel plate is first laser cut into the correct shape and get attached together afterwards; the rim of the scissors is still pretty rough as it was not even polished. In fact, the simple production process, minimalistic design, and the care for our environment is precisely the charm of this pair of scissors.