I wove day into night, I danced with light and dark.



法國的著名作家Carole Martinez以美麗的文字來描寫她對Hermès新推出的香氛——暗影橘彩星光的印象:在晨早的陽光和微風下散步、樹蔭下看著白晝流逝,然後尾隨著夕陽餘暉,走進滿天星光的仲夏夜裡,最後靜待破曉晨光的一刻。在Carole的筆下,時間的流逝和大自然的變化都滿載著悠然的詩意,安撫了悶熱不安的心。

“The Summer sun beats like rain. I walk along the riverbank, a lingering fragrance in my wake…… I walk, unfettered. No clock, no phone. Alone, and enchanted by the slightest reflection.”

The famous French writer, Carole Martinez, beautifully described her impression of L’Ombre des Merveilles, a new fragrance by Hermès — as if she’s taking a stroll in the breezy morning sunlight, she watches the day pass in the shade of a willow tree, and as the sun slowly sets, she waltzes into the starry midsummer night and quietly waits for the first rays of light to illuminate the sky. Gracefully flowing along with the passage of time and changes in nature, Martinez’s poetic words calm the restless hearts.


“I stole the  of the shadow of the wonders. I wove day into night, I danced with light and dark.”

Hermès把一款體現明暗對比的香氛化身成柔軟輕薄的羊毛圍巾,繚繞不絕的神秘幽香裏著身體,讓身體能敏感細膩地感受到大自然的微小變化,即使在漆黑的夜裡,也能看見魅影中的星光。由調香師Christine Nagel製作的L’Ombre des Merveilles,以輕盈的乳香突顯柑橘清香,加上零陵香豆的幽香氣味和一絲紅茶香輕裏著的木質氣味,是一種讓人深刻、難以忘懷的中性香調。這香氛是源自2004年的橘彩星光(Eau des Merveilles)系列,並沿用由Serge Mansau設計的瓶身,像不倒翁似的,一側是平坦,另一側是呈弧面,如繁星滿天的放大鏡一般,讓我們能以嶄新的角度來觀看世界,令視覺和嗅覺都能感受奇想、夢幻的氛圍。

The chiaroscuro fragrance by Hermès envelops the body like a velvety cashmere scarf, the mysterious lingering aroma awakens every cell in the body enabling them to feel the tiny delicate changes in nature, making even the phantom-like stars visible in the darkest of night. Created by Christine Nagel, the in-house perfumer at Hermès, L’Ombre des Merveilles is a deep and unforgettable neutral scent that blends together fresh citrus with the unique musky scent of frankincense, topped by the woody deep notes of black tea, and the warm depths of tonka beans. Following its predecessor Eau des Merveilles, which was released in 2004, L’Ombre des Merveilles continues to utilise the bottle design by Serge Mansau; the rocking bottle, which is flat on one side and slightly curved on the other, resembles a star-spangled magnifying glass. Looking through the glass, we see the world from a new angle; our eyes witness the magical wonders of the world and our noses breathe in the olfactory magnificence of a starry night.

除了邀請Carole Martinez為L’Ombre des Merveilles寫下詩意的文字,Hermès也找來日本人氣攝影師川內倫子以影像來演繹光與黑暗之間的故事。她擅於捕捉日常美麗的瞬間,以獨特的角度來看日常的事物,她清新柔美、不拘一格的攝影風格總是令人留下深刻的印象。在她的鏡頭下,影像超越了時間和空間的限制,如日光灑在樹林和L’Ombre des Merveilles之上,顯得溫暖而夢幻;在花火燃燒的一剎那,讓人感到浪漫又神秘,彩色的煙火在黑夜裡更是如此明亮耀眼。在光明與黑暗交錯的世界裡,美麗總是帶著淡淡的哀愁。

Alongside Carole Martinez’s poetic narrative for L’Ombre des Merveilles are the stunning images of light and darkness captured by the celebrated Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi who is known for her unique views on ordinary things and her ability to capture beauty in everyday life. With an eclectic style and a preference for a soft palette, her images are impressive and striking. Through her lens, imagery transcends the limitations of time and space; warm and dreamy is the sun that beats like rain on the trees and L’Ombre des Merveilles, romantic and mystic is the sparkler that flares in the sky, and bright and shine is the colorful fireworks that dazzles in the darkest night. In a world where light and darkness intertwine, beauty always carries a touch of sorrow.


Carole Martinez美麗的文字配上川內倫子夢幻又詩意的影像,讓L’Ombre des Merveilles的氣味變得既虛幻又真實。

“Drifting in the dark water are constellations of infinite fragrance.”

The scent of L’Ombre des Merveilles lingers over the beautiful narrative by Carole Martinez and poetic images by Rinko Kawauchi blurring the lines between illusion and reality.