A Good Pair of Socks

TF Original Socks

曾經何時,我也喜歡過那些花花綠綠的可愛襪子,尤其是在穿搭九分褲的時候,招搖著腳跟處那兩小寸的風騷,行人一一行注目禮,路走幾來也多上幾分囂張。然而年紀稍長後,無論個性或外表也漸變得沉實,像襪子這種本屬內衣行列的衣物,自然是換回最基本的款式,而眼對這雙「TF Original Socks」就很對自己的胃口,樸實無華不起眼的款式,是那種唯有把它穿在身上,才能夠體會得到的優質好物。

TF是來自東京中目黑的一家選物店,販售AURALEE的毛衣、COMESANDGOES的帽子,CIOTA的褲子等,不約而同地都是著重良好的品質、恆常的款式,多於強調誇張設計感的低調品牌,而這一份低調也直接影響到TF的自家設計品。「TF Original Socks」以90%的棉料製成,少掉的一成不是偷工減料,而是全棉料會損失彈性,因此混入了8%聚酯纖維,以及2%的聚氨酯;既有棉料本身抗臭的優點,也因為加入化學纖維,提高了襪子的可靠性。此外內襯還用上了半絨毛,吸汗之餘也能帶來緩衝作用。

物料之外TF的結構也有下過苦工,擁有三個凸面和一個凹面,並且把襪管頂部做得稍寬,使襪子穿得貼服之餘,小腿處不致於太過緊繃,可謂是一雙鬆弛有道的襪子。TF的主理人自稱說,他花了非常多的時間做品質控管,除了感受穿著舒適度,還試過不斷洗滌以測試襪子的鬆緊度,最後跟工廠多番來回溝通、重新改良設計,才定下現在這雙「TF Original Socks」的模樣,更說道自己有九成時間,都是穿著TF的襪子,可算是自己品牌最忠實的顧客。唯一可惜的是,TF襪子暫時只有白色一個選項,未來應該會追加其他色款,而一雙折合約是1300日元,價格雖然略高,但想到它的細節和適舒度,倒是不減我買單的衝動。

I was once a big fan of cute and colorful socks, and I loved pairing them with cropped pants. I must say that pop of color beneath the pants could always draw attention from the passersby. As I grew older, my personality and outlook began to change. I started wearing clothes and socks with simple designs. The TF Original Socks are one of the very few that suit my grown-up taste and needs. They are simple and humble. But once you put them on, you’ll immediately be able to tell the difference that a pair of premium-quality socks can make.

TF is a clothing store located in Nakameguro, Tokyo. They feature a modest selection of high-quality products from various low-key fashion brands. Stepping inside the store, you’ll see sweaters from AURALEE, hats from COMESANDGOES, pants from CIOTA, etc. TF also has its own label, and their products are lauded for good quality and thoughtful designs. Their signature product, TF Original Socks, are made of 90% cotton, 8% polyester fiber, and 2% polyurethane. While cotton is good for anti-odor, the 10% non-cotton fibers are meant to make the socks more elastic and durable. In addition, the socks are pile-lined to provide better cushioning for the feet while keeping them dry and fresh.

Besides the material used, the design of the TF Original Socks is also noteworthy. The cuff and leg of the socks are perfectly proportioned and knitted so that the socks wouldn’t be too tight on the feet. According to the owner of TF, the Original Socks have gone through numerous trials and errors to finally come into shape. There were different kinds of textile testings, such as washing tests to evaluate the elasticity of socks after laundry. The owner claimed that he wears the TF Original Sock most of the time. What a loyal fan indeed! It’s a pity that the Socks only come in white for the time being. But I suppose more colors will be added in the future. A pair of the TF Original Socks costs 1,300 yen, which seems a little pricey. Yet given their fine details and comfortability, they are still worth buying.